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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of specialty services are provided by EBM?

We offer a wide range of specialized cleaning options, from basic services such as tile floor stripping and refinishing to highly specialized services such as controlled access (clean room) and bloodborne pathogen cleaning

Q: Does EBM provide Blood Borne Pathogen cleaning?

A: Yes, that is a service our highly trained special project crews can provide.
We can train and equip members of a dedicated on-site team for clean-up of Blood Borne Pathogens. We also offer an emergency response option, where trained technicians can be dispatched in the event a blood spill occurs in your facility

Q: What are EBM’s capabilities for responding to emergencies such as flood, vandalism, fire or smoke damage?

A: We are highly experienced in rapid response to disasters brought on by flood, storms, fire, smoke, vandalism and other forms of damage. We can also assist with mold mitigation as well as hazardous waste clean-ups necessitated by contamination with gray water or black water flooding

Q: How does EBM manage a smooth start up transition when it takes on a new customer account?

A: We begin the process of new account start-up planning a full 30 days prior to when services are scheduled to commence. 

Q: How does EBM respond to complaints or problems in its customers’ facilities?

A: We take customer feedback seriously, and respond to all complaints or requests in a respectful and caring manner.
We analyze all issues to identify the source of the problem. Our goal is to implement permanent solutions that significantly reduce or eliminate the possibility of recurrence. Written and verbal follow-up is conducted for all customer complaints and requests to ensure the response we provided was satisfactory. 

Q: How does EBM determine the number of work hours needed to clean a commercial facility?

A: We use a combination of quantitative engineering analysis and the judgment of our experienced management team to determine the proper staffing and work hours necessary to properly clean your facility. This in-depth analysis produces a workflow design that is cost-effective while providing clients with the quality service they expect from their cleaning contractor. 

Q: Does EBM have experience with Daytime Cleaning Programs?

A: Yes, Daytime Cleaning Programs are a service we are proud to offer our customers. 

Q: Does EBM have experience with Green Cleaning programs?

A: We are highly experienced with the design and execution of Green Cleaning programs. From simple recycling programs to green cleaning chemicals and processes, we can customize a green strategy matched to your environmental objectives. Learn more about our Green Cleaning programs. 

Q: How often are EBM employees Trained?

A: All EBM service personnel are trained on a continuous basis. The building service contractor market is ever-changing and complex, EBM is committed to staying competitive in our market, this translates into employee training programs that are the best in the business 

Q: Can EBM offer recycling programs for our offices?

A: Yes, recycling office waste is a cornerstone of EBM’s commitment to sound environmental business practices

Q: Can EBM Help our Manufacturing Company?

A: EBM has a multitude of solutions that meet the unique challenges of the manufacturing market.

Q:Does EBM provide their employees with safety training?

A: At EBM a safe working environment is priority number 1, in addition to generally safe and responsible practices, EBM trains its staff in All areas of OSHA compliance.

Quality Is Our Focus

Focus On Safety

EBM's focus on safety goes beyond adhering to OSHA standards. It means being responsible for the safety of our crews, other job site contractors, job site employees, and visitors.

Safety is priority one.

Focus On Training

The best tools, and superior methods are critical to any company’s success, but they are only as good as the people implementing them. Employee training and personal development is our number 1 method of delivering results that exceed our client's expectations.

Focus On Value

Adding value means something different to each unique customer. At EBM we connect with you, your company your culture, and your customers to provide unprecedented value in building services.

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Executive Building Maintenance provides clean, productive and enhanced working environments for business, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing companies across the Midwest.

Our Customer Driven service solutions approach allows our customers to concentrate on their core competencies and primary business functions.

Our goal is to provide Clean Healthy workspaces in a reliable safe and cost-effective manner.